Worthy Grand Matron

Brenda L. Hall

Worthy Grand Patron

David M. Cole

Special Events

August 19 - Worthy Grand Matron's Special Project (Click HERE)

August 30 -  Registration  deadline  (extended)  for December  bus  trip  (click  HERE)

August  31  -  Grand  Family  in  Machias  (Click  HERE  for  information)  

August  31  -  Reservation  deadline  for  Grand  Family  Reception  in  Brewer  (click  HERE)

September  14  -  Grand  Family  Reception  in  Brewer  (Click  HERE) 

September 20 - Registration Deadline for Fall Event (Click HERE)

September 21 - Maine in New Brunswick Exchange (Click HERE)

October 5 - Fall Event (Click HERE)

October 15 - Reservation Deadline for International Weekend (Click HERE)

November 1 - International Weekend in CT (Click HERE)

January 29, 2020 - Registration deadline for Can-Am weekend (Click HERE)

February 28 - Can-Am weekend (Click HERE)

Click HERE  for a message  from the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron  


Some of Our Projects

Service  Dogs  

American Cancer Society

OES International Headquarters

Scottish Rite Childrens'  Dyslexia Centers

ESTARL Scholarship Fund

International Order of Rainbow for Girls

DeMolay International

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The  Order  or  the  Eastern  Star  is  the  largest  fraternal  organization  in  the  world  to  which  both  women and  men   can  belong.  Click  below  to  learn  about  membership  and  some  of  the  work  we  do.

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